Hey Hi Hello! Welcome to 28th & Design
now known as Out Of This World Clothing Company !
I am Jessica the one behind the controlled chaos here!
I do a bit of everything from graphic tees, boutique items, bleach, tie dye, bulk orders like teams + schools, koozies & even some tumblers!
My favorite thing though, is custom designs & tees!
Nothing makes me happier than seeing my customers happy with something we worked together to create!
I'm from the Midwest but I wish I was closer to the beach. I love my family! I am married to my best friend, and mama to three littles + a bonus mama of two more! I also have a couple of fur babies.
I’m a stay at home mama that does her crafting during nap time & after bed time. We occasionally work together as a family too.. If your package has a random cheer, race car or bluey sticker on it .. now you know why 😂
I am also the owner of Little Lilys LLC and my hubby has worked for Southwest Airlines for 16+ years!
We have a very full, never boring lifestyle that I wouldn’t change for the world. I am always doing a million things at once but it makes life exciting & fun. I live for Caffeine, Jesus, Tacos, Texas Roadhouse, Pineapple High Noons or an ice cold Budweiser 🍻! My favorite color is purple and I could watch hgtv all day! I love spending time with my family & friends — camping, fishing, concerts etc !
I am a HUGE advocate for Mental Health. After surviving Cancer in 2008, I was diagnosed with anxiety, ADHD. It took me many years to not be ashamed of this and be honest with myself and others about it. Today I am an open book about it all so feel free to ask anything. But most importantly please remember to stay; tomorrow needs you 💜
✨Really, I pour my heart & soul into everything I do. I am here for you in any way possible!! If there is something you are looking for, don't hesitate to ask as I am always willing to help! I believe in community over competition, accepting everyone for who they are and treating every single person I meet (virtually or in person) equally with kindness.
Thank you for trusting OOTWC CO. formally known as 28th & Design! I look forward to designing, creating, packaging and shipping your next perfect tee or thing soon🤍